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  • Our experienced english speaking pet consultants with over 30 years experience in all import & export formalities , quarantine & customs clearance.

  • Or family run business will give all fur babies in our care,lots of cuddles and soothing chats.

  • Door-to-door services within our network of 135 countries.

  • Transfers in late model  air-conditioned vehicles.

  • We offer many forms of easy payment.


  • Documents, export certificates,health certificates for country of origin and destination are prepared in a fast & prompt timeframe.

  • Drop off time for the pet to the airport is  done in air-conditioned vehicles to minimise stress in the humidity of Jakarta & traffic conditions.

  • A I.A.T.A approved crates are provided..

  • Microchip Implantation (ISO 11784 and 11785 or Avid Microchips).

  • Rabies Serology Testing (for Rabies Titer Certificate) in OIE-approved laboratories, as required for entry to Australia ,EU, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore or Hawaii.

  • E.Canis testing for entry to Australia.


‘It is vitally important that the planning of relocating  your fur baby to Australia starts at least 6 months prior to your preferred date’


  • Our staff will meet you in the baggage claim if arriving with your fur baby as excess baggage..

  • Priority customs & Quarantine clearance for your fur baby.

  • Crate cleaning and mats change before transferring animals to the Animal Quarantine Station.

  • Regular one-on-one visits during quarantine.

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