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Most pets are relocated by air travel however we can move animals by road in some circumstances. Snub nosed breeds are more likely to need a road leg to their journey.
Snub Nosed Pets are relocated a little differently.
We can grab some of these details later if you don't have them handy. Basically 4 measurements are required. 1. Distance from the nose to the root of the tail 2. Distance from the ground to the highest point of the animal 3. Distance from the ground to the elbow joint 4. Measure the widest part of the animal We can help you with this if needed just type I need help in this box.
If you are thinking about using your own pet crate you need to be aware that government, industry and airline regulations change regularly, making some crates non-compliant for travel so even if you have used the crate for air travel before the crate will need to be rechecked to ensure it is the correct size, an approved make and model and In good condition You can usually find the brand and model number stamped into the plastic lip above the door. The dimensions may also be found there. If you need to measure the crate it needs to be measured around the widest part this includes the edge where the two halves bolt together.
Type any addition information about your pet her or if you just want to chat with us before going through or the above form fields you can type your query here.