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Customer Reviews & Feedback

"Dear Wayne, I just wanted to thank yourself and Rudi (and all those involved) for making the transport of Barker and Torres as smooth as possible from point A-Z...was a long time to be without them but at least now they are HOME. Thank you both for helping allay my fears and Thanks for looking after them both, please pass on my thanks to all involved. Kind Regards Kristie"
Furbaby Pet Relocation Thailand to Indonesia
Barker &Torres
Thailand to Indonesia
“Thanks so much for all your help. Everything went smoothly and your team was extremely helpful. The dogs are loving California and have been so spoiled all week!!”.​
Pixel & Gary
Indonesia to California
Hi Wayne and Rudi We are settling in now. Tyla seems happy (for the time being) to be a house cat. She’s coping with the cold by sleeping in my bed under the duvet. Snowy is getting used to being on the lead for all his walks after he ran away from me last week while at the park. He’s been to the beach once but I don’t want him finding his own way there, so that’s being kept as a treat. He’s managing the cold by sleeping up against the radiator. I can’t wait to see how thick and fluffy his coat gets during the winter. Thanks again for making this happen. Lauren
Snowy & Tyla
Indonesia to Scotland
Chinta on her journey to Melbourne

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Moving Billie the Bali Dog
Tyla On her Journey to Scotland